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By Theresa Russell

The brand new Norwegian Breakaway made its debut NYC to Bermuda run in early May and Tripwich was there to experience it. And what an experience it was. On the upper decks is the Aqua Park with the fastest slides at sea and a ropes course that is the longest at sea. The ropes course includes The Plank, a beam that takes the adventurous out several feet over the sea.

Slides on Norwegian Breakaway

Slides on the Norwegian Breakaway,

The Slides

Once you ascend 52 steps to the top of the ship and find yourself on the same level as the funnel, you realize just how high these slides are. Highest of the three is The Free Fall, the fastest slide at sea. Unfortunately, there are both weight and jewelry restrictions for the slides. The latter eliminated me from racing down The Free Fall. Be sure not to wear any jewelry (that includes wedding rings and earrings) if you wish to experience The Free Fall. Leave it in your room. There is no secure place to leave jewelry in the Aqua Park -not that you would want to- and climbing all the way to the top only to be told that no jewelry is a allowed is a waste of effort.

Next fastest of the slides is The Whip, another double slide that allows competition. Access to this helix-shaped structure also requires a climb to the top of the ship. Like The Free Fall, this is also an enclosed tube.  The Blue Slide is open and ideal for those who might suffer from pangs of claustrophobia.

The Ropes Course

Walking the Plank

Walking the Plank

Get strapped in and climb the stairs to the ropes course, the largest at sea. Leading to The Plank, this course includes several components including narrow beams, ropes, slats and a zipline. You can pick and choose your favorite path and challenge to reach The Plank.

Personal Experience

For somebody like me who does not remember ever experiencing a water slide, the Aqua Park experience intimidated me at first. Would I get stuck in the slide? Would I get bruised? Would I have a heart attack? Did I want to walk all the way back down the stairs to indulge my fears? I enjoyed the slides so much that I went back several times and even recorded the experience. Because my wedding ring has been on my finger for several decades, it has become a permanent fixture that could only be removed with a cutter, so that precluded me from trying The Free Fall. My goal is to shed a few pounds so that I can take off that ring and try out the Free Fall the next time that I am on the Norwegian Breakaway.

Zipping to the finish.

Zipping to the finish.

As for the ropes course, I made it to the top of the staircase, looked at the tiny beam, looked at the deck below and turned around and made my way back down the stairs with the same confidence I had when I climbed up to the start. However, my brave sister successful completed the course, making the competitive spirit in me want to make a second attempt. People of all ages and sizes enjoy the ropes course.

It’s all about having fun.
Join me on the two slides and see what the experience is like.
The Whip

The Blue Slide

Theresa Russell

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