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Courtesy Bethel Historical Society

By Theresa Russell


New England has plenty of bedeviled spots beset with ghastly apparitions and many with ghastly crowds as well. Looking for a new spot to experience Halloween frights and ghostly events?

The Ghosts of Bethel Maine

The Moses Mason House
Courtesy Bethel Historical Society

The Bethel Maine Historical Society not only records the past lives of town legends, but also accounts for its otherworldly residents who continue to haunt this charming New England town known for skiing, architecture and fine examples of murals by Rufus Porter. In an attempt to share its supernatural heritage with guests, the Society has paired up with the Bethel Inn for its yearly weekend of spirit focused encounters.

Woodland Cemetery Country Graveyard

A spooky experience amongst the tombs awaits those who tread on these hallowed grounds. Courtesy Bethel Historical Society

One of the highlights of Bethel and especially of the Halloween weekend tour is the exploration of Woodland Cemetery. Just outside of town, Bethel’s illustrious residents lie peacefully on the hillside. Interesting monuments, tombstones and mausoleums bring imaginations and ghosts to life.

Other Sites With Paranormal Activity

The historic Bethel Inn, the base for this spooky weekend claims a resident ghost. This feminine spirit has been sighted by guests walking the halls of the inn. It’s no wonder that the Bethel Inn was chosen as the host inn for this phantasmic weekend.

But beyond the hallways of the Bethel Inn, other ghosts haunt the town. The nearby Chapman Inn Bed and Breakfast bears the “Certified Haunted” distinction because of its female ghost and black cat that prowl the building. In fact, paranormal experts claim that there are two spirits inhabiting this building.

Middle Intervale Meetinghouse
Courtesy Bethel Historical Society

There are many other buildings in the town that attract spectral guests and experts from the Historic Society relay their stories and experiences with the haunters of Bethel. If you missed this year’s event, you can plan for next year or find plenty of information about the local spirits by contacting the Bethel Maine Chamber of Commerce.

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