Mar 182013

By Theresa Russell

Everybody is Irish on March 17, but how many of you have visited the
motherland? What, you haven’t? There’s no better time than now to visit the
country that claims a thousand shades of green. There are plenty of options
for exploring Ireland – tour group, self-drive or even by cruise ship.

Trinity College houses the Book of Kells

Trinity College houses the Book of Kells

On a previous cruise we called at the port of Dublin but had just a few hours to explore. Hoping to cover territory quickly,  we opted for a tour with a private guide in Dublin. With only several hours in port, we made a beeline to
visit Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. What a fascinating story that is.

Tower at MonasterboiceWith a little advance planning, it’s amazing High Crosshow much you can fit into a port call. After leaving Trinity, we drove to the countryside with our guide in search of Celtic crosses.  Our guide led us to Monasterboice a convenient place to see a variety of these crosses. Conveniently, we were quite close to Newgrange and having an interest in the megaliths hoped that we might take a quick tour of the site. Unfortunately, the tickets for the day had already been sold out, so we didn’t have access to the site itself, so had to be satisfied with the excellent exhibits at the Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre.

There is so much more to see in Ireland: the megaliths, historic cities, the Ring Of Kerry and the other scenic peninsulas. So for all of you Irishmen, natural or adopted, start making plans to visit the homeland.


Theresa Russell

About Theresa Russell

Claiming her lust for travel began on her first journey through the birth canal, Theresa is genetically programmed to travel and to have fun doing it. She especially enjoys adventure and experiential travel and always finds something at a destination to write home about.

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