Jan 252014

By Theresa Russell

Norwegian Getaway credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Getaway
credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

My unbounded enthusiasm for my upcoming sailing on the Getaway brings one song to mind that plays continually in my head. From Billy Joel, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” as played by Howl at the Moon is a perpetual favorite onboard the Norwegian Epic and Breakaway. It plays in my head, the original words substituted with the intriguing new features of the Getaway. Lebo Artwork, “Burn the Floor”, Bath Butler, Mondavi, “Legally Blonde”, Nestor Torres, Tropicana Room… I will need a personal planner just to experience everything new  on the Norwegian Getaway. Having sailed on her sister, Norwegian Breakaway,it gives me a head start because like sisters, although their DNA is similar, their particular attributes make them different. I look forward to experiencing the Miami vibe of the Getaway.

Legally Blonde on the Getaway credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Legally Blonde on the Getaway
credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Should I admit that the Tropicana Room, the main dining room, returns me to my “I Love Lucy” days complete with Ricky Ricardo playing the exotic Latin music at his nightclub? Watching the “Burn the Floor” Latin-inspired dancing perfectly complements the Cuban- influenced dining experience. What could be better than enjoying dishes like churrasco con chimichurri while enjoying Salsa?

The litany of new experiences continues in the food and beverage department. Flamingo Bar and Grill offers one of my favorite desserts, tres leches. The Sugar Cane Mojito Bar evokes images of lazing around in the sun’s warmth. Mojitos and rum-based cocktails? Synonymous with cruising in my opinion.

Sugar Cane Bar

Sugar Cane Mojito Bar
credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

The wine-lover in me will appreciate Norwegian’s new partnership with Mondavi wines and enjoy “Wine Lovers – The Musical”, offered in the Illusionarium twice during the cruise with lunch and a six-flight wine tasting. The interactive musical comedy relates the story of two participants at a wine tasting. Will one be the requisite wine snob who commandeers the tasting?

Illusionarium on the Getaway

credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

In the end, to pamper myself and to take a break from my fun-filled schedule,  experiencing the plethora of attractions on the Getaway, I can relax and luxuriate in a butler-drawn bath.Selecting from the menu of several port-themed baths, which include libations and treats, will transport me to a special place. Take me away, Getaway!

And in the spirit of achievement, I will make my second attempt to conquer the largest ropes course at sea and walking the Plank, a beam extending eight feet over the water.

It’s like my first day at school. My  excitement is palpable. My expectations high.

Theresa Russell

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