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Tripwich Magazine conveys the excitement of travel: the chance to experience new places or revisit familiar ones from a fresh perspective, and to find inspiration and ideas. It offers a mix of quick-hit articles and full-length feature stories, and in doing so provides a little something for everyone. Tripwich Magazine serves up interesting and inspiring stories from experienced writers with engaging and entertaining looks at destinations around the world, fun stories on culture, sports, history and insights into the  world of travel.


If you’re interested in submitting articles for Tripwich Magazine, please include  the following in the body of your email:

  • a paragraph summarizing the travel experience
  • a short biography
  • professional association(s) and
  • three links or pdf’s(attachments acceptable) of previously published work.

Please insure that the proposed topic hasn’t been run on Tripwich Magazine. Once we have accepted your proposal, we ask that you submit your article following  the guidelines below. We will also request a bio including a photograph and links to your social media accounts and website.

Article Format:

Articles vary in length from 300 words to 1500 words and must be accompanied by at least three to six photographs (72dpi at a maximum of 800 pixels horizontally).  All photographs must include captions. Although we prefer originals, images from Tourist Departments are accepted.  Proper credit must accompany the images. The article must be submitted in .doc format only and photos should be sent separately. Please do not include them in your document.

Editorial structure:

The “Feature Stories” section is where most of the new, full-length content is housed.  Submissions must be in Word document format(No .pdf, .docx, .docm) and contain a byline, a title and, for full-length articles, sub-headings in the body of the work. If articles have been published previously, credit must be given to the publication, along with the date, issue and page number in which they were featured.  It is the responsibility of the author to ensure they have reprint rights.  Tripwich Magazine will not be responsible for any infringement of reprint rights.
By submitting your article to Tripwich, you grant us non-exclusive rights to publish your article on Tripwich.com. You also acknowledge that you own the article and have full rights to it. Tripwich does not hold any legal liability or responsibility for articles found to be violating any copyright laws.
We reserve the right to edit your submitted article.

The “Etcetera” section is made up of quick, approximately 250-350 word items and includes a Low Down (reviews of tours, restaurants, hotels, etc.), New and Notables (new suites, menu, service etc.) and The Inside Line (tips and how to) columns — basically “stuff” you always wanted to write about.  Above all, the columns should reflect unique and personal experiences.

No payment for contributions can be made right now, but we’re working on it!

Please submit your queries here .

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  1. I’m the weekly travel and dining correspondent for the http://www.PonteVedraRecorder.com in Northeast Florida in addition to their print magazine. Both publications are print. I have many stories that are as current as five months ago in PDF format with color photos. I hope you’ll allow me to contribute some stories. LEIGH ~

  2. What is the payment for articles?